Kasauli is a dream-come-true vacation destination for every Indian who would want to spend a few days of peace and quietude in the lap of serene nature far away from the madding crowd. Kasauli is a quiet and small hill town not very far into the mountain folds. It is about 6-hour drive from the capital city of Delhi. This town was built during the British rule in India and still has the colonial style buildings strewn through the town that lends it a colonial charm. Kasauli has a brilliant Sunset Point where you can enjoy the glory of sunset from across the towering Himalayas. The soul-satisfying verdant green Gilbert Trail of Kasauli is a shady alcove for a peaceful hike and is a trekker’s paradise. Kasauli is a quaint town located in the Solan district of Himachal. Visit the mythological Manki point where Lord Hunuman had place his mighty foot while he was on the lookout for the medicinal herb to revive injured Lakhsmana during the battle of Ramayana. Ascend those hundreds steps to reach the famous Hanuman Temple to seek blessings of the Lord. Also, visit the Gurkha Fort and Kuthar Fort along with the Christ Church situated in close proximity of this town. Thus there are quite a few good reasons why you should plan your next weekend getaway to charming Kasauli.


Solan is a mesmeric hill station with snow-clad peaks and serene atmosphere that fills all senses with peace and tranquillity. Solan has an otherworldly charm that is bound to leave you spellbound and makes for a perfect tourist place in Himachal for a fun-filled vacation. Solan can strengthen bonds of friendship and love with its earthly rustic charm. Solan has some interesting places to explore such as the Karol Tibba and Meteol Tibba. The valleys and meadows are wild and pristine and offers an excellent opportunity to indulge in some adventure with your love as you glide through the valley and trek to the Monkey Point for some awesome views.


Kullu is known as the “Valley of Gods” on account of its surreal beauty. Kullu is spread joyously on the scintillating banks of the shining Beas River. The breath-taking beauty of Kullu rises from the intricate web of multiple layered mountain chains with intermittent lush green valleys offering a dreamlike visual delight. Kullu is almost always jointly covered in tourist packages with Manali. There are very picturesque resorts and hotels overlooking the hazy melting mountains that make for great places to rest and relax. A rafting session through the tumultuous river Beas is recommended for the adventurous souls, the excitement of which they will never forget. Go for a shopping spree from the various famous Government emporiums and buy some fancy Kullu shawls and warm woollens. For the nature lovers and explorers, a day trip to the nearby hot water spring at Manikaran is worth a visit. Bathe in the therapeutic hot sulphurous waters and participate in ‘langar’ in the Gurudwara adjacent to the spot. Visit the tranquil Tirthan Valley with its pristine Tirthan River that rises from the icy cold glacial springs of Hanskund.


Kinnaur, also known as the “Land of Gods” is another pristine mountain beauty with lush green forest cover and gorgeous mountain escapes. Here, you can see the widespread lush green valleys, cold desert mountains, and its magnificent beauty of nature, flora and fauna with romance in the air all over. It is a beautiful place with beautiful souls to make your Himachal experience the most gratifying. Witness a simple life close to nature. Trek to the Bhaspa River which is one of the most scenic rivers of the Himalayas. Get enchanted by the captivating views of Sangla valley, the cover of apple orchards, sparling streams and snow-clad mountains. The Sangla village is known for the rich influence of Tibetan culture and marvellous natural beauty. Explore the eye-catching beauty of the famous Nako lake on the slopes of the Reo Purgyal mountain of the Srikhand range of Himalayas, the exotic and adventurous wildlife at Rakcham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary and visit Moorang which is perfect refuge from the drudgery of city life and is steeped in a million spectacular things — apricot orchards to name one.


Khajjiyar is a veritable heaven on earth very often referred to as the ‘mini-Switzerland of India’ and is composed of a unique combination of forests, lakes and meadows. It is small hill town near the most famous counterpart, the major hill station of Himachal, Dalhousie. The captivating beauty of this place has inspired many generations throughout the years. It has also left an indelible impression on the rulers such as the Rajputs and Mughals. Khajjiyar is located at an altitude of 6,500 feet and its unsurpassed natural beauty with the picturesque landscape is bound to leave an everlasting impression in the minds of all visitors. Khajjiar’s nine-hole golf course is famous for the beauty of the surroundings comprising lush greenery and a breath-taking panorama. Khajjiar has a small crystal lake which is a much loved tourist spot. The intense green meadows and dense forests along with the beautiful temple adds to the charm of this scenic place. This region has a special attraction for adventure lovers with a wide variety of adventure sports such as paragliding, horse riding, zorbing, trekking on offer. Khajjiyar sees a good deal of snowfall during peak winters and is a good choice for mountain sojourn. The spectacular Dhauladhar Mountain ranges make for a pretty backdrop and the untamed nature free from urbanization covered with a sheath of deodars creates a magnificent picture postcard.

All destinations of Himachal Pradesh are interesting and has some special magic to lure the travellers. All these important tourist destinations are generally included in the Himachal tour packages and have all kinds of options right from budget stays to ultra luxurious resorts and hotels amidst pristine nature.