Manali is the beatific hub of adventure activities in the divine land of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is noted for the snow-capped pristine densely foliaged forested rolling valleys and meadows that cannot but charm every travellers’ heart. To further wrap the visitors further in the joy of travel, Manali provides so many various options ranging from white river rafting to trekking opportunities, zorbing to horse-riding and skiing to paragliding. You think mountain adventure, and Manali is there to please you and make you yearn for more. Manali has always been one of a major holiday destinations in India especially for nature lovers and lovers of adventure. Manali offers varied picturesque locations for accommodation options. The stays can be close to nature among lush greenery or with a splendid view of the gushing Beas passing by. The balconies and windows open to the views of the frozen peaks.

Paragliding in Kullu Manali

The mountainous Manali town is famous for the ultimate thrill of paragliding. At 2050 metres height of the paragliding destination, Manali forms an ultimate location for the sport. Plunge down and glide up against the air currents, as you enjoy the mesmeric views of the beautiful green valleys, radiant blue skies and shimmering and glistening snow-capped frozen icy mountain peaks. The spellbinding vistas and the folded valley fronts has the ideal wind conditions for paragliding. The combination of beauty and good winds make this place a hub for paragliding attracting tourists, both international and domestic from far and near. Get trained, or satiate your fanciful whim of a stray plunge — Manali has everything. The operators are well organized, competent and trustworthy with state-of-the-art equipment to promise you the king of all good times.

Paragliding is an adventure sport that offers unlimited joy of flying free across the sky. Paragliding is a favourite sport among adrenaline junkies. As you experience the ultimate moment of launching a glider aircraft and then remain suspended under a fabric wing, you feel the fresh air all around and enjoy an enchanting view. Flight time might range from a 15-minute flight till 40 minutes or an hour. If you possess a paragliding license, you can even enjoy a solo flight while amateurs can avail tandem flights where you are accompanied by a pilot who navigates the glider.

Some paragliding corridors of Manali

Solang Valley: Solang Valley is a peaceful and picturesque valley which is located 11 kilometres from Manali at Rohtang Pass. Solang Valley is a chosen and very popular destination for both tandem and solo flights. Solang Valley offers outstanding views of the valley, apple orchards, and snow-capped peaks that are immensely remarkable. While booking a paragliding trip at Solang, the guest must ensure that the operator arranges for transportation to and from the launch site. The mode of transport is ropeway and that is the only way to reach the launch area. Ropeway would cost an additional INR 1500 – 2000.

Dobhi, Naggar: Dobhi in Naggar can be reached by a 15-minute flight from Falayn to Naggar. As you fly over Dobhi Valley watch the beauty with abated breath and absorb the magic of the spread of flowers in the entire spring time. Dobhi is a lesser known Himalayan paradise where one freely soars above the clouds. Enjoy tandem paragliding at this location. Soar above the rivers and streams, lesser known waterfalls and hidden monasteries.

Burua-Shanag: This spot forms one of the most recently approved and included of the paragliding sites of Himachal Pradesh. The area has pristine valleys and remains relatively unexplored by tourists which means that it remains less driven by tourists and thus secluded and offers better opportunity to enjoy nature and its beauty. This makes Burua an ideal location for those who are looking for paragliding sites that are not very crowded.

Taleti Kharal Valley: The paragliding flight begins at Taleti valley and extends to the end at Talogi valley after a flight time of 20 minutes and offers some marvellous views of Manali. Taleti is located at a distance of about 40 kilometres away from Manali.

Marhi: Marhi is situated around 33 kilometres away from Manali and is known to be one of the oldest paragliding sites that offers both high and long flights.

Gulaba: Gulaba is located 30 kilometres away from Manali and is captivating with a myriad biodiversity and stunning topography. The rose valleys, apple orchards and the varied flora and fauna of Gulaba are to be best seen from above in the form of a bird’s eye view. Gulaba offers both high and medium flights.

Best Time for Paragliding in Manali

Paragliding needs clear skies and gentle breeze. The summer months of Himachal ranging between April and June are ideal for paragliding in Manali. During this time, temperatures hovers between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. The weather is absolutely suitable for all kinds of adventure activities. Another good window for adventure activities are the autumn months between October and December. But summer time is more suitable than winters. Monsoon months are not at all suitable and paragliding is not permitted during these rainy months.

Time required for the adventure

Paragliding time frame starts from a time span of 1 minute duration. The short duration are recommended for beginners. The longest trip for paragliding venture extends for a full hour. The most common and conventional trips are of duration 20 minutes. The 1-minute option involves a very short trip which gets absorbed in the drop and the descent and is over even before it begins. Thus it is not much recommended as it is too short a trip. A 15-minute high flight is enough to satiate the adventurous spirits of beginners and longer duration flight will be suggested for experienced gliders.

Useful tips for adventure activities

  • It is recommended that you wear clothes that facilitates tying the harness securely around the body. The clothes should never be too tight or too loose.
  • Do not plan or expect paragliding during rainy season.
  • Wear appropriate footwear and thermal gear for paragliding.
  • Reflective sunglasses can protect your eyes against winds and help you see properly and enjoy your view.
  • Be prepared for hiking a certain distance uphill or downhill to reach your launch sites.
  • There is a 110 kilogram limit per person to be allowed for paragliding. Do not attempt if your weight exceeds the limit.
  • Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to paraglide. Hence make arrangements for children to be looked after.
  • Paragliding is an adventure sport and is not for faint hearts. So, in case you have these problems, do not attempt paragliding. You also need to sign a bond and the operators would not be responsible for any mishappening.
  • Thus, it is important that you take an aware of all inherent risks that paragliding poses. People with heart and lung ailments, sinus issues, ear infections, motion sickness and pregnant ladies should not attempt this adventure sport.
  • The sport might get cancelled if weather is adverse. Check weather conditions with local weather authorities before planning a Himachal paragliding trip.