Travelling to new places is always exciting. Everyone loves to take a break from their busy lives and rejuvenate in the soothing ambience of nature. It tranquilises your senses entirely so that you can get ready for the next chapter of life. The serenity that a hill station offers is something you cannot find anywhere.

When it comes to Himachal, no destination is better where one can experience the lofty mountains set at the backdrop of the Himalayans, gurgling river, shimmering lakes, lush green meadows, vast verdant pastures, huge apple orchards and so much more. Being a holy destination and the best summer getaway, hence the state is always flocked with tourists all round the year. Himachal is a vast state in north India, dotted with many hill stations on its serene landscape. From adventure freaks to religious travellers to solo travellers to family travels, everyone can find their escapade in Himachal.

If you have chosen Himachal for the family trip, then congratulations you have made a great choice. A family outing is an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones, no matter how much we argue with our sibling or how we don’t like to spend time with them. But the bottom line is a trip with our beloved family members would leave you with golden memories for a lifetime. Therefore a family trip to Himachal is a perfect way to connect with your family member as well as nature. Not only this state provides its travellers with a respite from the torrid heat of summers of Indian plains but also offers various recreational actives that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

While travelling to Himachal or any other hill station of India people are always plagued about the safety especially if they are on a family trip.  Well, let me clarify that Himachal is quite safe for travellers as it is a significant centre of tourism which attracts tourists from every corner of the world. Himachal is safe for all types of travellers including solo trips, females travelling or family trip.

The hill stations of the state are connected with roads that are well maintained by the government of Himachal Pradesh. So you don’t have to worry on that part. If you are planning to drive, then its advised to hire an experienced driver who is well versed with the curvaceous road of the mountain regions. By that, you can focus more on your family and take your mind off from driving. If you are planning to drive yourself, then brush up your skills as driving in mountains road involves sharp turns and rocky edges. Also, avoid travelling during the night due to less visibility and as a safety precaution for your family. Also, avoid driving in dangerous conditions like landslide and roads. The debris that falls from the mountains can harm your car and family.

The best time to visit the land of snow would be summers and winters. In the summer season, the weather is pleasant and characterised by green valleys and crystal clear skies. In this season your family can indulge in many recreational activities as well as enjoy various sightseeing destinations. Also, it is quite safe to travel in the summer season. Winters bring a whole new experience when the mountains of Himachal got covered in the thick blanket of snow. If you are planning your family trip in winter, then it is advised to check out the best time to visit the hill stations. In winters, wintercheater is one of the things that you need to carry as you might get snowbound.

During monsoon avoid planning a trip as in this season, the state experience heavy rainfall. It can be dangerous for travel as rainfall causes several landslides which block the roads. The topography gets quite risky during rains, no wonder it halts most of the tourists from visiting. Therefore it is advisable not to plan your trip during the months of July and August.

Pack your clothes according to the months in which you are travelling and check out the weather condition for your period of travel. The temperature in hills can change at any moment, after rainfall in summers can bring the winter chill back, therefore don’t forget to carry warm clothes along with your regular clothes.

If you are comparing Himachal to any other destinations in India, you will be surprised to find out that the people here are quite hospitable. While travelling to Himachal, everywhere you will be greeted by friendly and innocents locals who will help you out in every way possible. Therefore it is one of the most coveted destinations of India making you want to visit this place again and again.

Moreover, Himachal is synonymous with security. Many families are living in the area as the picturesque landscape of the state is predominate with villages. You will find warm villagers, hotel staff, and locals living nearby and other helpful people; hence Himachal is loved by every visitor. Other than that, there are many cc-tv cameras located in the primary market areas of various hill stations of the state which will definitely make you feel safe and enjoy the serene ambience of nature.

Also known as the land of gods, Himachal house many monasteries and temples where people from over the world come to seek blessing from the presiding deity; therefore extra respect is shown to travellers as they earn their living from them only, makes travelling in Himachal very safe.

Himachal over the years has earned the name of being among safe states of India for girls as well as travellers. You won’t hear any incidence of violence against women or locals looting tourists cases. To be on a safe side avoid wearing expensive jewellery in public places and do not carry too much cash. Himachal is very safe for family trips, but you should always take some precautions.

A trip to hill stations of Himachal always calls for various adventure activities like hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, ice-skating, skiing, and more. Therefore, never forget to carry a first aid box, as there might be a chance for some injuries. In the first aid, remember to carry medicines for cold, headache allergies, and some bandages along with antiseptic.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and warm clothes to prevent sore feet, blisters and accidental cold due to the cool weather. If you are travelling to Himachal during winter season expecting snow, then it is recommended to carry snow boots to prevent slipping in the snow.

Another safety precaution one should be mindful of is you should keep stay at a distance from the rivers as the water current is powerful. It is highly advisable not to stand on top of the boulder near the rank or step into it for photography.

Keep your kids away from the edges of the roads while visiting tourist spots; they can easily slip off if they are not careful, though there are railing attached on the cliff side of the road making Himachal a safe hilly state to visit, you should always take this precaution.

There are many things you need to keep in mind in order to make your family vacation hassle-free. But overall, Himachal is safe for every traveller who is looking to spend time in the lap of nature.