Destinations Covered: Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary – Park and Jaitak Fort – Suketi Fossil Park – Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Jee Temple – Trilokpur Temple – Triloknath Cave Temple – Katasan Devi Temple
Nahan Tour Duration: 03 Day / 02 Nights


Nahan is a romantic and beautiful getaway amidst hills. It is a tranquil hill station far from the buzzing crowd of the city. Nahan is spread in the sleepy folds of the lofty Shivalik mountain ranges that overlook lush green fields and clean roads. Nahan is a perfect holiday destination. The story of Nahan is replete with past historical tales and legends. This hill township was founded by Raja Karan Prakash in the year 1621.Nahan got its name from the name of a sage Nahar who used to live here where this town has been built. Another story says that the town from the time when the king tried to kill a lion but was stopped by a saint named Baba Banwari Das who had uttered the word “Nahar” that means‘don’t kill’. Nahan has innumerable beautiful gardens, temples and a placid manmade lake. It is a gorgeous cantonment town of the state of Himachal Pradesh that offers its visitors an unforgettable experience.

Nahan offers a world-class environment which comprises good accommodation facilities and loaded with attractive tourist attractions, hotels and resorts ranging from economical and deluxe to premium and enjoy delicious dishes, quality ambience and cordial hospitality.

How to reach

Nahan is situated in the heart of Himachal Pradesh and it has no railhead or airport. But it is connected well to all other major cities

How to Reach Nahan by Flight/Air

The closest airport to Nahan is the Chandigarh Airport which is situated just 50 km away. Dehradun Airport and Shimla Airport are also not very far away. These airports are connected by roads to Nahan and taxis can be hired conveniently. Buses are also available regularly on these routes.

How to Reach Nahan by Road

Nahan is connected well by road to all other major cities. One of the several routes for reaching Nahan passesthrough Dehradun via Ponta Sahib. The Shimla route passes via Solan Kala-Amb while travelling from Haryana. The shortest route while travelling from Delhi is via Panipat, Karnal, Kurushetra and Shahbaad. Regular buses ply on these routes that are both privately owned and run by state.

How to Reach Nahan by Train

The railway stations around Nahan that are easily accessible are Kalka, Barara, Chandigarh, Yamunanagar and Ambala. On reaching the destined station, buses and hired taxis are easily availablethat connects these stations to Nahan.

Places to visit

Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary and Park: It is green and natural sanctuary with an inbuilt zoo. There is a quaint pond filled with fishes and huge turtles. It is fun to feed the fishes which gather in huge numbers to feed on the rusks and puffed rice sold by local people to the curious tourists. Boating on the lake is fun and the shady path surrounding the lake all around make for a leisure walk. The mini zoo with lions, bears and leopards can be an attractive tourist spot for children who get excited at seeing the animals so close at hand.

Jaitak Fort: This fort is built in an isolated place amidst pristine nature and is accessible via a steep single-lane and extremely adventurous mountain road. The fort commands a breath-taking view of the valleys spread all around. The property is owned by the Royal Family of Kanwar Ajay Bahadur Singh and has beautiful palaces nearby for interested visitors to see. The magnificence of the fort draws a large number of tourists.

Suketi Fossil Park: This Fossil Park is also called Shivalik Fossil Park. It is situated at a distance of 21 km from Nahan and displays amazing fibre models of life-size pre-historic animals made of reinforced plastic (FRP). The actual fossil skeletons were unearthed from this spot. The park is the first ever to have been developed in this theme. The Park has been developed on the left bank of the Markanda River and is easily accessible. Spread across the upper and middle ranges of Shiwalik Mountains, the park boasts of at least six sets of life-size models, of Stegodonganesa, Sivatherium, Hexaprotodon sivalensis, Colosschelys atlas, Paramachaerdus and Crocodilia. This is the bunch of Mesozoic animals which once flourishes in the region.

Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Jee Temple: It is holy place favourite among the devotees to flock in large numbers. It has a beautiful natural setting and is revered by worshippers who gather here on all major festivals to offer prayers to Goddess Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Jee.

Trilokpur Temple: This temple was built by Raja Dip Prakash in the year 1573. It is located approximately 23 km from Nahan and is accessible via Kalka-Ambala highway. Trilokpur holds a lot of religious significance and is dedicated to Mahamaya Bala Sundri and draws thousands of devotees from all across northern India. Lots of worshippers from the states of Haryana and Himachal also flock here, especially during the fairthat is held twice a year during Navratra in April and October when a large number of devotees visit this temple. These worshippers offer respect to the temple goddess.

Dhaulakuan: This is a widespread enigmatic and fragrant apple orchard on the way to Paonta Sahib, located approximately 20 km from Nahan. The citrus plants and mango trees along with a fruit canning factory that produces various kinds of juices, jams, pickles and canned fruits is worth a visit. Dhaula Kuan also has a research station that carries out research on tropical fruits.

Katasan Devi Temple: Situated approximately 20 km away from Dhaulakuan this is a famous religious spot where the temple was built as a mark of the victory of Raja Jagat Singh over the advancing army of Rustam Qadir Rohilla in a fierce battle. The Raja had built the temple to commemorate the victory.

Triloknath Cave Temple: This is an old and famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is still protected from the ravages of modernity. It is located on the Mandi-Pathankot Road and is a must visit for people in search of some moments of peace and tranquillity. It is beautiful and ancient temple and has a very picturesque setting.

Pakka Talab: This is a very ancient pond or tank and is a live example and witness of Nahan’s rich heritage and culture. The Lakhata Peer Shrine is located just opposite to this pond. This place is interesting to visit from the religious point of view and also from natural beauty perspective.

Giri Nagar: This a small hill town located at a distance of 5 km from Dhaulakuan and around 25 km from Nahan on the Nahan- Paonta Sahib main highway. It has a power house of 60 MW capacity and was interestingly constructed after diverting the Giri River through a 6 km long tunnel. This town derives its name from the Giri River and the power house supplies power to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

Rani Taal: Rani Tal is located at the hub of Nahan town and is a place with the gorgeous green hills at the backdrop. There are temples located around the tank. A winding mountainous trekking paths and shaded with a lot of trees goes around the taal or pond. Waterbirds, cranes and ducks add to the local attraction. It is a popular picnic spot among the locals.

Things to do

  • Nahan is a great attraction with people with religious bent of mind. There are so many famous temples such as Shiv Ji Temple Saltevni and Kalisthan Temple, Jagannath Temple and Rani Tal Shiv Temple, Shiva Parvati Temple, Kumhar Gali that ismore than 300 years old, Gurudwara Dashmesh Asthaan, Shri Krishna Temple, Miyan Ka Mandir, Lakshmi Narayan Temple and Shudh Dhaar Shiv Mandir. There are also Nainidhar Shiv Mandir, Bhagnari Shiv Mandir, Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Mata Balasundari Temple and Masjid Shamsher Ganj.

  • Go for a wildlife visit in the natural surroundings of Renukajee. Enjoy with relaxing boating and fish feeding along with nature walks.

  • Go for an adrenaline pumping steep drive to the gorgeous Jaitak Fort.

  • Visit the serene water bodies in the heart of Himachal such as Rani Taal or the Pakka Talab.

  • Take in the fragrance of fruits and enjoy delicious juices and fruit products of Dhaulakuan.

Where to stay (Best 5 Hotels)

  • The Sirmour Retreat, Nahan: This property has an amazing location. It offers a 360 degree view of the magnificent ranges all around. The open terrace and the serene and peaceful environs make for a tranquil stay. Hope for a rejuvenated and relaxing stay in this retreat.

  • Sailani Resort: This property has a very peaceful location. And as there is very little to explore around the property, this hotel makes for a very relaxing stay in the heart of nature. Service is prompt and staff is hospitable. There is a lawn for children to enjoy. This property makes for a relaxing weekend stay. Swimming and cottage-style accommodation add to the attraction.

  • Hotel Grand View: This hotel has an amazing view of the misty mountain ranges all around. The front desk and the staff in general are very polite and hospitable. The rooms are good and it has a decent swimming and children’s play area. There is a big lawn commanding a grand view of the hills and valleys beyond and is an ideal destination for families and groups of travellers and tourists.

  • Hotel Shine72: The services as well as the location of this property is amazing. It is worth the money you spend for staying here. The staff is well behaved the hotel has very clean and well-maintained rooms. It offers free parking to guests and a chic restaurant that serves lip-smacking dishes. It is easily accessible from the adjoining highway.

  • Hotel Heritage Sanyam: This is an old and heritage property and makes for a unique stay. The food served and the hotel services are absolutely up to the mark. There is a beautiful lake near the property where a cool evening walk can be enjoyed. The open area of the hotel is deal for relaxing and enjoying nature. The property guarantees a peaceful and comfortable stay in decent and well-maintained rooms at a scenic location in the middle of the gorgeous mountains.

How to go around

Commuting within Nahan is easy and hassle-free.Taxis and cabs are easily available for all local and distant tourist locations. The roads leading to Nahan are good and well maintained generally. It has a good connectivity via buses that ply regularly. Taxis can also be hired for going around and sight-seeing.

Fests & Fairs

Vaaman Dwadshi: The people of Nahan celebrate Vaaman Dwadshi with great enthusiasm. This festival occurs at the end of the monsoon season. It is a unique celebration in which fifty-two cult images of various gods and goddesses are carried in an elaborate procession to the famous Jagannath Temple of the town. Then these images are floated in a pool amidst a huge ceremony and then restored to their respective places at midnight.

Gugga Peer Fair: This is an elaborate and noisy affair that is celebrated to honour Gogaji or Gugga, who is a folk deity of Rajasthan. The God is a symbol of bravery and is popular as an eminent warrior. He is revered by both Hindus and Muslims. He is also greatly respected as a saint and also as a Snake God. Hindus respect him in the name of Goga and Muslims honour him as Jahar Peer. The Kaimkhani Muslims claim that they have descended from Goga.

Jamta Fair: The Ashtami Fair or the Jamta Fair is arranged the Gram Panchayat of the Village of Jamtaevery year. This fair is held two days before the famous North Indian Dusshera festival. It is favourite fair of the local people.

Navratri: Navratri is an elaborate festival that continues for nine long days and in which Goddess Durga is worshipped with fervour and respect. This nine-day long celebration ends with the rituals of Dussehra. This is a popular festival that mixes spirituality and fun and is participated by one and all.


Nahan is a popular hill station at the foothills of Himalayas. It has mild summers and chilly winters. Nahan is a popular visit by the people from all across the country all through the year. The climate is generally warn and temperate. The temperature between the coldest and the hottest month varies approximately 17 degrees Celsius.

Ideal Itinerary

Nahan Itinerary (3D/2N)

Day 1Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary and Park and Jaitak Fort

Arrival at Nahan and warm welcome by our representative. You shall be escorted to the hotel/resort of your choice. After you take in a filling meal and little bit stretching your muscles proceed for the day trip to Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary and Park and Jaitak Fort.

  • Spend a lovely day on the water front of RenukaJee Lake and go for a wild sojourn into the RenukajeeWildlife Sanctuary and Park. Take a lazy stroll among shady groves. Feed the big fishes and the huge and ancient looking turtle.

  • Visit the historical remnants of Jaitak Fort and seek adventure climbing the precarious single-lane mountain path up the rocky cliff to reach the fort. Enjoy the splendour of hill beauty and peace once up at the fort.

Return to the hotel at Nahan to have a relaxing dinner and enjoy the cool mountain-fresh air and the tranquillity spread all around. Climb up your beds in the warmth of your rooms for an overnight stay.

Day 2 Suketi Fossil Park, ShriMahamayaBalasundariJee Temple and Trilokpur Temple, Triloknath Cave Temple and Katasan Devi Temple

Wake up early to enjoy some fresh mountain air and take a relaxing walk among the meadows and valleys. Watch the sun crawling up the sleepy hills. After a leisurely breakfast, proceed for the day’s itinerary exploring the unique treasures of Nahan guided by our representative.

Day2 will begin with Suketi Fossil Park or theShivalik Fossil Park. It is a unique creation situated at a distance of 21 km from Nahan and get awestruck watching the displayed models of life-size pre-historic animals made of reinforced plastic.

Next, we proceed on to ShriMahamayaBalasundariJee Temple a favourite religious haunt for all devotees. This temple is dedicated to Goddess ShriMahamayaBalasundariJee.

On Day2, we also cover yet another religious destination, TrilokpurTemple that was built by Raja Dip Prakash in the year 1573 located on Kalka-Ambala highway.

Time to also visit the KatasanDeviTemple, which is a famous religious spot where the temple was built as a mark of the victory in battle.

TriloknathCaveTemple also comes into the itinerary, which is another ancient and famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located on the Mandi-Pathankot Road and has a very picturesque setting.

After the day’s fun and lot of local visits return to the hotel for an overnight stay. Catch up with the beauty of the place and have some serene moments of togetherness with the close ones. Have a leisurely dinner and retire to room for a peaceful sleep.

Day 3 Departure from Nahan

Time to bid adieu to the serene and misty Nahan! Our representative shall arrange for your journey back home.

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