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Shimla Honeymoon packages

Destinations Covered: Shimla Glen and Chadwick Falls – Green Valley and Kufri
Shimla Tour Duration: 04 Day / 05 Nights

Why Shimla for Honeymoon

The earthy smell and the colonial remnants that are vivid in each and every street, shop, cafe, monument, viewpoint, and forest cover of Shimla spreads romance in the air. Honeymoon in Shimla is always special as you experience the adventure and excitement of a bustling mountain city beautifully blended with the peace and serenity of Himalayas. Shimla is pleasant throughout the year. Even the sub-zero winter temperatures of the winter season are interspersed by bright and warm sunshine. The city holds a rustic charm that melts with the mesmerizing panoramic views. The loitering in the mall road and the delicious mountain cuisines make honeymoon all the more memorable.

Shimla is a very popular hill station that is cosily tucked into the folds of the Great Himalayas. Honeymoon couples come to Shimla to have memorable vacation all through the year. The beautiful cottages set amidst infinite greenery perched in the folds of the very same Himalayas and the swirling clouds that kiss the mighty peaks, the mountain treks across valleys and glens is graced with mighty peaks, the lush green conifer, deodar and pine forests, cosy cottages and the infinite varieties of flora and fauna make Shimla an alluring honeymoon destination. Spice up your romantic moments with some leisurely walks across the colonial ambience tinged roads of Shimla and some sight-seeing of the various exotic locations in and around Shimla. Plan a honeymoon to the paradise called Shimla to collect some unforgettable memories.

Get the Best of Honeymoon Package in Shimla with Us

Shimla has an exciting spread of places for honeymoon couples to enjoy. Discover the colonial charm of this old city and its famous landmarks in and around the city of Shimla leaves the honeymoon couples with irreversible memories. These romantic destinations of Shimla are undoubtedly stunning and live up to the expectations of the honeymoon couples. Here’s a list of the most romantic things that you can do in Shimla.

  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding snow-capped Himalayan peaks from Naldehra Peak. This is a famous golf course that is located at an altitude of 2000 meters. The views of snow-capped peaks and mist covered valleys will leave you spellbound.

  • Enjoy the thrill of blissful togetherness at Kufri and choose from the various activities offered there such as skiing and horse riding.

  • A breezy romantic walk among the lush meadows is a must do to find the essence of Shimla honeymoon.

  • Honeymoon couples will enjoy a visit to Chail, located 55 km from Shimla. It is a popular fun destination for all honeymoon couples where they enjoy horse riding and seek blessings for a happy and blissful life of love and togetherness at the gurudwaras and temples situated there.

  • To get the most unforgettable view of nature at its best visit the famous Scandal Point, Ridge that offers mesmerizing views of nature complete with snowy peaks. The uniqueness of charm makes it a must-visit for honeymoon couples in Shimla.

  • The frescos on the walls of Christ Church Shimla were painted from a designed that was conceptualized by Mr. Lockwood Kipling, the father of the Jungle Book famed Rudyard Kipling is an interesting visit for couples. You can also seek the divine blessings of Jesus and enjoy the surreal tranquillity of an ancient and famous church.

  • Enjoy the surreal beauty of the staggering cottages of the dwelling population clinging to the contours of hills. Bathe in the breath-taking views from Summer Hill, located around 5 kilometres from the focal point of Shimla Ridge.

  • Enjoy the solitude and bliss of the Jhakoo Hills that enfolds romantic trekking trails. And end the visit with a memorable visit at the Jakoo/Jhaku Temple, a must for newlyweds and considered extremely auspicious for honeymoon couples.

  • Charm your better half on the way to Shimla or during the return journey with a mesmerizing Toy Train Ride to or from Shimla and Kalka. An exciting and unique toy-train ride across the Himalayas unfolding more and more lush green mountain forests with each bend and the innumerable tunnels with the tasty tit bits available at each quaint hill station will make a perfect start to your honeymoon. The toy train ride is definitely one of the most romantic rides you would ever experience in the midst of the hilly terrains.

  • Enjoy romantic dining in the authentic restaurants of Shimla mall area.

  • Watch the golden dance of nature at sunrise from Chadwick Waterfalls.
    Idle away and spend leisurely walks and strolls across the Green Valley en route to Kufri.

  • Bask in the pleasant sunshine of a charming hill station or rest in the shady alcoves of the pine and deodar covered verdant valleys. Watch the gentle yaks and herds of restful sheep grazing in the valleys.

  • If you would like to enjoy the charm and excitement of a busy hub of bustling city life and mix it with the bliss of honeymoon, visit the ice-skating rink near Scandal Point.

  • Shop for knick-knacks and mementoes, along with household items and handicrafts from the happening Lakkar Bazaar. Buy some nice memories to adorn the new married life.

Best time to visit Shimla for honeymoon

Shimla is equally alluring all through the year. In the winters, snowfall in Shimla makes creates a bright white, snow-covered picturesque and charming honeymoon destination. The peak tourist season can be defined in between the months of October to March during which Shimla sees the greatest number of honeymoon couples planning honeymoon trip to Shimla. Summers are pleasant with cool clime and winters are magnificent with snow fall. Honeymoon can be blissful in Shimla even is summers. It would be a magnificent break in the cool and snow-covered Shimla region.

Shimla Honeymoon Packages Can Be Customized

Shimla honeymoon packages planned by us include the best of everything. We have the best blend of majestic views, major honeymoon attractions, thrilling as well as ultimate romantic experiences, comfortable and luxurious accommodations based on budget and the most wonderful of tour experiences. Shimla honeymoon package is easily available almost throughout the year and definitely easy on budget, Shimla honeymoon packages offer various combinations of all of the above.

Please refer to our website links to avail the best suited Shimla Honeymoon Packages that suits your needs. The Shimla honeymoon packages make for the most accessible and popular romantic destination.

Shimla Itinerary

Shimla Honeymoon Budget Package (4 days/5 nights)

Day 1Arrival at Shimla

After Arrival at Shimla, get to the hotel and get relaxed and freshen up. Later in the day, our representative shall meet you at the hotel to escort you to the centre point or the life line of Shimla, the exciting Mall Road. It is the tourist’s favourite. It is the lane to wander idly with your loved one, eat, drink and enjoy the beauty of Shimla. The Ridge is located one level up the Mall. The Mall has the important offices located along it, such as, the Municipal Corporation and the police headquarters. Vehicles are not allowed to enter the Mall Road of Shimla you are take an uninterrupted carefree stroll along its whole length.

Next, enjoy the Jakhu Temple, a very old temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman perched atop the Jhakoo Hill. It offers some outstanding views of the Shivalik ranges and the sleepy little town of Sanjauli.

Overnight stay at Shimla.

Day 2 Shimla Sightseeing

After a hearty breakfast, your representative shall take you to visit the ancient Christ Church, the most stupendous building dominating the Shimla skyline for miles on end. This second-oldest church of Northern India, commands respect owing to its intricately stained glass windows. It is probably the most photographed monument in Shimla. So don’t forget to capture some still with your loved one. The church occupies an important position in the demography of the busy city of Shimla. The church gives you a chance to seek the blessings of the divine spirit and also fascinates you with its unbelievable beauty when in winters it gets bathed in snow.

Also enjoy visiting the Annadale Ground, the very famous playground and race course situated in a deep wide valley in Shimla West. It is a remarkably lively place full of playful activities, amusements and entertainments. It carries nostalgic memories of all the furore and hullaballoo of races, parties, dog-shows, polo matches and a lot others from the by-gone days. Currently, in keeping up with the tradition we can still see army parades, religious gatherings, sports fancy fairs and celebrations on the grounds all of which would be a fascinating experience to share with your new-found life partner.

Next destination would be the famous Scandal Point, the intriguing and busy intersection of the Ridge and the Mall Road.
Visit the famous Lakkar Bazaar, an extension of The Ridge that has many shops lined together selling wood items. This is an ideal place to buy souvenirs to carry back home. Among the things that the honeymoon couples enjoy buying mostly are beautifully handcrafted kitchen utensils, decorative items, show pieces and also woollen items, Pashmina shawls, the famous Kullu shawls, sweaters, mufflers, caps, cardigans and various other garments. An awesome street food spread, lively crowd, the clamour and excitement of bargaining makes this place a must visit for all honeymoon couples.

Also in the process you get a chance to visit The Ridge, Shimla, which is an extensive open-area platform that offers some unmatched view of the Himalayas and some famous peaks. The view is unparalleled and attracts a huge crowd all through the day. It is also the hub of all cultural events happening in Shimla.
Stay at Shimla hotel for the night.

Day 3 Shimla Glen and Chadwick Falls

On Day 3, after a sumptuous breakfast plan a visit to the beautiful Shimla Glen. It is secluded spot some distance away from Shimla ideal for honeymoon couples. A rich forest covered dense deep jungles surround the area and gives you moments of ultimate togetherness and privacy.

Then after crossing Shimla Glen reach the gorgeous Chadwick Falls. A rough ruddy trail leads past the dense Shimla Glen leads on to Chadwick Falls. The beauty of the place lies in its secluded location, the rich cover of pine, fir and deodar, the serenity that is perpetually unbroken and a chance to remain in the lap of nature for a few precious hours undisturbed and unruffled. The falls is more amazing in monsoons with an increase in the volume of water. Return back to hotel and spend the rest of the day at leisure watching the glorious sunset from some quiet point of the Himachali capital.

Day 4 Green Valley and Kufri

Have a mouth-watering breakfast and set out for Green Valley, en route to Kufri from Shimla. This point offers breath-taking view of the surrounding lush green mountain conifers, deodar or Himalayan cedars. The silence of the valley will leave you awed. It is a good spot to click some nature shots and honeymoon pictures. In the peak winter months, it offers beautiful snow-covered nature view.

Proceed on towards Kufri, an awesome destination for a short day break. It is popularly known as the capital of winter sports. The most popular winter sports are skiing and ice skating. It is replete in Himalayan aura.

Come back to the hotel in Shimla and overnight stay at Shimla hotel.

Day 5 Departure from Shimla

After a ravishing breakfast proceeds towards checkout form the hotel with heart full of memories of a cherishing honeymoon.

Some other mesmerizing destinations in and around Shimla for Honeymoon couples

These picturesque and very popular destinations can be clubbed with Shimla Itinerary.

Fagu: Fagu is another mesmerizing hill station 22 kilometres away from Shimla. The blissful morning walks with the apple orchards and the potato fields can be appealing for all honeymoon couples. It is nature’s feast and a place without the humdrum of social life, the blaring horns and the glaring shops. Just enjoy the nothingness and feel the peace and tranquillity of the closeness of nature and Himalayas. It is very cool even in peak summers and if nature is benevolent you might get a snow shower even in April to the thrill of couples enjoying honeymoon.

Chail: Chail is located at an approximate distance of 55 kilometres from Shimla via the Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Road and takes a bit less than 2 hours to reach from Shimla. It is an ideal haunt for romance, natural beauty and peace. Chail is famous for having the highest cricket pitch in the world. It exudes an unbroken calmness and peace and the thick cover of mighty deodar and pine trees offers a quiet closeness to nature. Chail is also famous for the architecturally brilliant Chail Palace. Chail Palace is an ideal for honeymoon couples with its regal architecture and décor. The palace provides luxury accommodation in the lap of pristine lap of nature and an unforgettable view of twinkling lights city from far below and the shining lights of the stars above.

Naldehra: Naldehra is located at an approximate distance of 20 kilometres from Shimla and takes around 24 minutes to reach. Naldehra is another very serene and picturesque hill station near Shimla at an altitude of 2044 metres. The charm of this alluring destination encouraged Lord Curzon to establish a golf course here. The dense deodar trees and the resultant amazing greenery create a magical atmosphere. The spot also provides delightful views of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges along with memorable sunsets and sunrises that can be special attractions for honeymoon couples to enjoy. The coolness, the soft breeze and the horseback ride across the dark deep forests make it an ideal place to unwind and relax.

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