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Shimla tour package from Ahmedabad

Explore Shimla With Dalhousie And Dharamshala ₹ 24,999 7 Nights
Magical Shimla ₹ 16,999 4 Nights
Fusion Shimla ₹ 14,999 4 Nights
Fun Unlimited ₹ 19,999 5 Nights
Shimla Retreat ₹ 12,999 3 Nights
Shimla Gateways ₹ 9,999 2 Nights
Tour Plan 1
07 Nights

Explore Shimla With Dalhousie And Dharamshala

Duration : 07 Nights / 08 Days

Destination Covered : Dharamshala – Dalhousie – Shimla

₹-24,999/- per person

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Tour Plan 2
04 Nights

Magical Shimla

Duration : 04 Nights / 05 Days

Destination Covered : Shimla

₹-16,999/- per person

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Tour Plan 3
04 Nights

Fusion Shimla

Duration : 04 Nights / 05 Days

Destination Covered : Shimla

₹-14,999/- per person

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Tour Plan 4
04 Nights

Fun Unlimited

Duration : 05 Nights / 06 Days

Destination Covered : Shimla - Manali

₹-19,999/- per person

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Tour Plan 5
03 Nights

Shimla Retreat

Duration : 03 Nights / 04 Days

Destination Covered : Shimla

₹-12,999/- per person

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Tour Plan 6
02 Nights

Shimla Gateways

Duration : 02 Nights / 03 Days

Destination Covered : Shimla

₹-9,999/- per person

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How to Reach Shimla from Ahmedabad

By Road

Ahmedabad is connected to Shimla very well by roads that are smooth and well maintained with lots of places to stop over or take a break and even an overnight stay. The road distance from Ahmedabad to Shimla is about 1272 kilometres.

By Air

The travellers from Ahmedabad can easily reach New Delhi by air as there are regular and frequent flights. The tourists can plan an air travel from Ahmedabad to New Delhi by booking a flight for a journey time of 1.5 hours from Ahmedabad to New Delhi. After reaching New Delhi, the second phase will start by either bus, cab, taxi or by a train or bus till Kalka and then the legendary beautiful toy ride from Kalka till Shimla.

By Train

Train journey from Ahmedabad to Chandigarh to reach Shimla is fairly comfortable. It is a pleasant experience punctuated by halts at various major railway junctions all the way from Ahmedabad to finally reach Chandigarh. Trains are quite neat and clean and well-maintained with clean toilets usually. After reaching Chandigarh, one can take a short ride in a cab or rickshaw to reach Kalka. From Kalka, one can book the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kalka-Shimla toy train to reach the stunning vistas of Shimla in the heart of Himalayas.

Similarly, one can also book a train journey from Ahmedabad to reach New Delhi and then cover the rest of the journey partly by road or train to reach Kalka and then opt for the toy train ride or even cover the entire stretch from New Delhi to Shimla by road in a cab or taxi hired from the various cab operators or tour and travel agencies. Either way the journey is fairly smooth and comfortable with good roads.

Best attractions in Shimla for Ahmedabad Tourists

The people of the western plains of Ahmedabad remain overwhelmed by this beauty-overloaded tourists destination of hill town of Shimla. Shimla is a fond name and popular summer destination of the people of Ahmedabad as is with the rest of the tourists and travellers from all across the country. Shimla remains brimming till neck with the favoured attractions and tourist places for fun and enjoyment. Catch the ethereal beauty of the mountain sunsets and sunrises by visiting the nearby locations from Shimla through comfortable and exciting day trips such as the stunning views of the majestic mountains and hills covered with snow and deodar plantations from the various viewpoints such as Scandal Point or Jhakoo Hill. Some places of special interest to the tourists of Ahmedabad would be Kamna Devi Temple, a place of Hindu pilgrimage; Tattapani, the abode of enigmatic hot water springs; Naldhera, the pristine snow-clad glory with the high-altitude mesmeric golf course; Hatkoti, which is stunning valley 105 kilometres away from Shimla and is an off-beat destination on the banks of river Pabar; Kharapathar, the lovely place for people who admire freshness, beauty and greenery; Sankat Mochan Temple, an important Hindu pilgrimage centre; and Kali Bari Temple, another famous Hindu place of worship among many more. These are the places to be in when in Shimla for a vacation to the hills. These places exude an irrevocable charm and peace.

Exciting shopping in Shimla

If you are a shopping freak and habitually indulge in lots of shopping form every vacation in some new place, then Shimla will not disappoint you. You don’t even need to think deeply about what to buy in Shimla as most attractive shopping items are displayed proudly for tourists to haggle and bargain and carried back as mementos from the memorable vacation. There are lots of shops of all types to cater to all your desires. The major shopping items range from clothes to books and toys to handicrafts and handmade artefacts. The shops also proudly display spices as well as electronics and much more. The Mall Road of Shimla is a busy tourist hub and is one of the most popular places to go for shopping in Shimla besides Lakkar Bazaar, with its unbeatable collection of wooden crafted items. There is also the Tibetan Bazaar and Lower Bazaar for woodwork, metalwork, shawls, woollen items, carpets, edible items such as delicious pickles, jams and jellies. All these items are locally manufactured and are sold at very reasonable rates. Visit the fancy emporiums and showrooms on the Mall Road to buy the exquisite and unique Himachali shawls, Pahari caps, pullovers, sweatshirts, sweaters, handicrafts, souvenirs, trinkets, jewellery, accessories and toys of various kinds. All these items offered to tourists are known for their traditional touch and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to eat in Shimla trip from Ahmedabad?

Answer: While you are on a travel trip, it is advisable to avoid eating anything from the roadside vendors and roadside small shacks/restaurants. Keep the usage of water for drinking purposes restricted to bottled water. Uncovered food items being sold here and there, cut fruits and similar dishes served in open may not be clean, hygienic or pure and may cause severe stomach infections and so definitely should be avoided. Carry bottled water or buy packaged water. They are available almost everywhere. In case of snacking for small-time hunger between major meals while on day trips, buy and eat packet foods and dry items such as biscuits, chips, etc. Also Maggi and cold drinks is served as a delightful combination almost everywhere you go in Shimla and tastes awesome and is a correct dose to temporary hunger.

Q: Is there any photography restrictions anywhere in Shimla for the people travelling from Ahmedabad?

Answer: Shimla is dotted with some of the finest specimens of Indian art and architecture. Some of the monuments and buildings have been declared as Heritage sites. Some such buildings and monuments, for example the Indian Institute of Advanced Study located in Shimla or the Chail Palace located in Chail, close to Shimla, may require special permissions for photography or filming. Seek help and guidance from the District Administration and Tourism office for the permissions and other related information. Your travel agent can be of a lot of help in case you need any assistance related to getting permissions.

Q: Which airport is closest to Shimla while travelling from Ahmedabad to Shimla?

Answer: There is no direct flight connecting Shimla to Ahmedabad. The domestic airport that is closest to Shimla is the Jubbarhatti Airport that is 23 kilometres from Shimla. The Jubbarhatti Airport is mainly used to connect Shimla to New Delhi.

Q: Was Shimla a part of Punjab?

Answer: A portion of Himachal Pradesh has been carved out of the southern hill areas of the former Punjab region. Thus a small part of the current state of Himachal was once a part of Punjab. But now Shimla is in Himachal Pradesh and is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It was also the erstwhile British Summer Capital and still bears the colonial charm in its full glory.

Q: Which are the places to visit in Shimla during a tour package from Ahmedabad to Shimla?

Answer: Among the must-visit sightseeing splendour of Shimla in a tour from Ahmedabad, there is a long list of captivating destinations such as the Observatory Hill, Arki Fort, Gaiety Heritage, Viceregal Lodge, Himachal State Museum, the Mall Road, The Ridge, Hanuman Temple, Jakhu Temple, Christ Church and the Hadimba Temple.