Shimla: Natural Photography

Shimla is blessed with all the ingredients of natural beauty that make for amazing photography. On one side you have the majestic snow-clad mountains to frame. On the other side lie the stunningly lush greenery and the beautiful lakes of Shimla which greet our eyes with their ageless beauty and spectacular enigma and easily wins the heart of every photographer. Capture the seemingly immortal realms of the queen of hills itself before you delve deeper into the secret beauty of Himachal. A professional or an amateur — every photographer shall fall in love with the magnificent blend of the old-world colonial charm and the dazzling beauty of snow-capped Himalayan ranges with the thick cover of mountain forests. The spacious open Ridge area, the mountain views from the Scandal Point, the aura of the towering statue of Lord Hanuman in the precincts of Jhakoo Temple, the colourful medley and buzz of Mall Road, the stained glass windows and frescos of Christ Church, the royal charm of Viceregal Lodge, the spectacular views form the Summer Hill, the stunning views of Kufri and Annadale — the list of Shimla’s photograph points goes on and on.

Manali: Nature Photography

Manali has a captivating charm and secluded glamour being situated in the further higher reaches of the mountains. Indulge in photography hike along with a blissful and adventurous snow camping in Manali during the winter season from October to April to gather the maximum thrill. The tours across Manali arranges for night camping at different spots on the banks of the frozen streams. Relish the chilly nip, the frozen layout, the clear cold skies and the warm bonfires. Spend some exalting time close to nature capturing the beauty with your lens — both camera’s and mind’s eye. Capture the breathless enigma of the Manu Temple and the views of the towering ranges blanketed by lush green forests. Walk into a photographic sojourn of the happy hippie culture of 1960s through the Old Manali area. Catch the blazing beauty of the red rhododendrons and the greenery of the dense thickets comprising shapely trees of poplar, willows, horse chestnut and deodars. Manali will offer your lens with all assets of nature scintillating and alluring. The beauty of the elevated mountain passes, frozen beauty of glacial lakes, mysticism of ancient temples, dynamism and power of tumbling waterfalls, solace of meadows and plains, rusticity and earthiness of charming hamlets and warmth of cheerful locals — make Manali one of the most popular places to capture nature.

Kasol: Serene Photography

Himachal Pradesh is a glorious state full of surprises and pristine beauty. Nestled in the folds of Himalayas are some immensely picturesque destinations that even the cameras cannot do justice to. The breathless aura of the sleepy Valley of Kasol is one such piece of natural unadulterated beauty. Kasol in Himachal Pradesh possesses magical beauty. It is a green heaven situated on the banks of the River Parvati. Kasol is equally attractive to the lovers of adventure and the lovers of natural beauty and serenity. The trekking routes across the Parvati Valley are gorgeous, awe-inspiring and calm.
This valley forms a favourite vacationing destination for tourists and travellers from all corners of the globe. It is parallelly an immensely adventurous destination too. Kasol exemplifies one of the most serene, tranquil and addictive beauty. Situated far from the rush of modern life, a visit to Kasol would remain incomplete unless you attempt some adventure along with photography. Kasol has numerous trekking paths, treacherous roads, a quaint touch of hippie culture and incredibly stunning sceneries. The tiny winy villages such as Tosh, tucked in the folds of Himachal offers pretty pastoral scenes and soothing views that would be a pleasure to photograph. Gurdwara Manikaran Sahib hot springs and the villages with quaint wooden houses, simply designed and brightly coloured add to the beauty of the pristine Himalayan villages and stand ready to be photographed.

Kheerganga: Eclectic Photography

Kheerganga is situated at a height of 3050 meters at the summit of the top mountains of the Parvati Valley and is spread serenely occupying one extreme end of Parvati valley. Kheerganga has overwhelming panoramic skies and extensive greenery that is essential to compose a good photograph. Kheerganga offers a soothing delight to every trekker and a solace to tired minds and bodies. It is also a gratifying scenery to every photographer’s eyes. Kheerganga has a holiness attached to it on account of the revered and healing hot water spring, a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and a bathing tank. The pleasure of photography can thus be mixed with a holy dip and a temple visit.

Triund and Laka Glacier Frozen Photography

The scenic beauty of Truind located close to McLeodganj is a spellbinding panorama of the Bhagsu Village, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala valley and distant views of Shivalik hills and plains of Kangra valley — all in one frame. The extensive land of green grass of Triund from where your eyes settle on the magnificence of the Dhauladhar Ranges is pretty and photogenic. Triund is rocky at places and is covered with the beautiful green forests of oak and deodar trees at others. The contrast gets the best of the photographers.
Himachal is famous for many glistening powdery white glaciers at its upper reaches. Among them, the beauty of the frozen Laka Glacier is legendary. Dhauladhar and Kangra mountain ranges and Lahesh Caves pose well to catch them at their best of glory. The camping sites and the trekking trails make for unhindered adventure and fun of exploration. The rugged terrain and the frozen backdrop at a height of 9500 feet makes your camera go clicking frequently as you would not want to miss out on any gorgeous angle.